Our Staff

Paul Hyland - Owner, Stylist, Colorist

It is pretty common in the salon industry for owners to step away from their chairs and concentrate on management duties. For me, this would mean giving up what I really like about my profession - the creative challenges of artistic hair design and the personal rewards of every day client interaction. I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating "new looks" and to keep current, I have maintained a personal goal to constantly update, learn, listen, and interact with the other professionals who work for me. Whether I am doing a cut or color, creating a hairstyle involves a careful and thoughtful interpretation of a style that the client has in mind and translating their vision into a finished look. While we carry several color lines in the salon, my go-to favorite is Redken Colour Fusion. As a long-time career professional, I have seen many trends come and go but really enjoy the transformation that occurs with a full head of natural looking color. My other areas of expertise include highlights/lowlights, razor cutting, men's haircut/style, and clipper cutting. 

Now enough about me and more about my staff! I feel that I have assembled the best stylists and technicians in the area. This notion is reinforced by the fact that my salon and spa has been consistently recognized among "the best" in the area by McHenry County residents in the annual, NW Herald-Best of the Fox, Reader's Choice awards. 

If you have additional questions about a stylist or technician, please give us a call!

Lindsey - Stylist, Colorist (Redken Color Specialist), Special Occasion Hair, Manicurist, Eyebrow Design/Facial waxing
I approach each client with a professional attitude, confidence, and willingness to listen...(more)
Carol - Stylist, Colorist (Goldwell Specialist), Special Occasion Hair, eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing, Facial Threading
I enjoy all aspects of my job including the gift of providing hair services to the entire family...(more)
Mary B. - Stylist Colorist, Special Occasion hair, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing

My goal is to help clients look vibrant and current...(more)

Linda U. - Esthetician, Makeup Design, Manicurist, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I followed a passion for helping clients achieve their goals for beautiful skin, makeup, and nails...(more)
Colleen - Stylist, Colorist, Men's cuts, Styles & Color, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I know the value of continuing education to provide my clients with the most up-to-date looks using the most current techniques...(more)

Jeannette - Stylist, Colorist, Special Occasion Hair, Manicurist, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I embrace the philosophy of this salon that believes one designer should help you achieve your complete look from cut to color to finish...(more)

Beth - Stylist, Colorist, Finished Blow-Dry/Styles for Long Hair, Manicurist, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I thoroughly enjoy the versatility of providing a more "full service" experience for my clients including hair, nail, and facial waxing services...(more)
Sondra - Stylist, Colorist (Goldwell Color Specialist), Keratin Straightening Treatment, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I love what I do, period! The best part of my job is that I can help people look and feel better about their appearance...(more)
Jackie - Stylist, Colorist, eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing

I know how important it is to take a break from a busy schedule and do something special for yourself that will provide a lasting benefit...(more)

Dana - Stylist, Colorist, Special Occasion Hair, Hair Extensions, Keratin Straightening Treatment, Perms, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I feel it is important to guide my clients into a look that is both flattering and realistically maintained at home...(more) 
Wendy - Stylist, Colorist, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing

As a professional in the beauty industry, I feel very strongly that it is important to approach every client at my best, both in terms of my attitude and appearance...(more)
Tammie - Manicurist, Acrylic Nail Design, Nail Art

I am committed to offering my clients the best the nail industry has to offer. I personally evaluate new products and techniques...(more)

Karley - Stylist, Colorist, Special Occasion Hair, Makeup Design, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing, Eyelash Extensions and Fills

I feel that a salon experience should provide salon guests with a bit of an escape and this is “their time” to feel relaxed and calm. When a client is in my chair, my eyes are on them and them only...(more)
Janet - Stylist, Colorist, Curly Girl Expert

It doesn’t matter whether the client is visiting me for the first time or is a long-time client; I always spend time consulting, asking questions, demonstrating, and instructing...(more)
Lorrin- Stylist, Colorist, Keratin Treatments., Formal Styles, Facial  & Body Waxing, Esthetics/Skincare

It is always my highest priority to ensure that whether you leave the treatment room or my chair, you feel even better than when you walked through the door!...(more)

Jennifer - Licensed Massage Therapist, Member ABMP, NCMBMT

I have a passion for massage therapy because I know, through experience that an effective, targeted massage session can improve a client's physical and mental well-being...(more)
Linda D. - Stylist, Colorist, Permanent Wave, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing
I enjoy the challenge pf creating a style that is easy for the client to manage and enhances the client's features...(more)
Mary D. - Stylist, Colorist, Permanent Wave, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing 
I love working on naturally curly hair, creating short hairstyles, perms, and hair style finishing...(more)

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