Massage Services

Massage Services

People from all walks of life are discovering the health-enhancing benefits of Massage Therapy. One of the most ancient healing arts, this branch of natural health care spans a vast variety of therapeutic approaches working to improve one's health and well-being through the hands-on manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Allow our AMTA certified massage therapist to introduce you to the benefits of massage therapy.  Each massage session can be customized to address your specific needs and concerns.
Areas of Expertise:

Deep Tissue / Myofascial Release
Technique releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body characterized by slow strokes and deep, but not painful, pressure on muscles, tendons and fascia. 

Trigger Point 
Technique where pressure is applied to specific points on the body to release muscular tension. 

Swedish Massage  
Characterized by familiar long strokes, kneading, friction and percussion techniques used primarily for general relaxation, health enhancement, and relief of muscle tension. 

Maternity Massage 
Techniques focusing on comfort and relaxation for expectant women (after 1st trimester) utilizing position with proper supporting of head, abdomen and legs. Particular attention is given to areas of increased stress, such as the lower back.  Please call our massage therapist before scheduling this appointment.

Sports Massage 
Techniques for the treatment and prevention of and more importantly, the prevention of many injuries and discomforts connected with various sports. 

Hot Stone Massage 
The application of heated stones (thermotherapy) to the body during deep tissue massage. The penetrating heat of the hot stones prepares the body for deeper work. Trigger points dissolve and fade with minimal effort.
Our massage therapist offers a frequent massage punch card where you can earn a free massage!

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