Mary D.

Mary D - Stylist, Colorist, Permanent Wave, Eyebrow Design/Facial Waxing

I graduated from Doree’s School of Beauty Culture in Illinois and have enjoyed a long career in the beauty industry. I have many long time clients that I enjoy and cherish seeing on a regular basis. The personal relationships that I have established with my clients and co-workers are very important to me. I love working on naturally curly hair, creating short hairstyles, perms, and hair style finishing. Attending classes, and larger hair shows always creates excitement and new ideas that I can share with my clients. While my hairstyling career has been rewarding, my other love, The Chicago Cubs, has been a little less than rewarding (but I love them anyway!) I also enjoy cooking and gardening. 

Available: Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 9-1, Thursday 1-7, Friday 9-1, Saturday 9-1.   

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